A small balcony in Paris.

The balcony terrace

terrasse été

It is a very small Parisian corner of balcony-terrace, with some trees, birch, willow and poplar, climbing plants, some verdure, finally a small piece of nature where are welcomed any wildlife (or flora) which wishes to visit us and climb to our 9th floor.

Feeders with seeds, sunflower, a drinking bowl, especially in winter, welcome our regular birds and give them a small helping hand.

moineauxWe had thought a long time that we were a little too high to welcome them, but the start of was when a "moinette" (female sparrow) with pretty white feathers in a wing, came to visit with its small chicks. From there, some seeds kindly lent by our budgerigars… and this is how  many years ago, began the visits of a small band of regulars among which, during several years (5 or 6 years), there were sparrows with the same white wing feathers.

The sparrows were the first ones, their presence gave confidence to other more timid birds.

Lui matinSince about fifteen years, the balcony is visited by many sparrows, some greenfinch in spring and winter, some blue tits and great tits, some blackbirds (they do not resist the grape of the vine after a first good frost!) and some wood pigeons (with much of moderation, the window box do not like them too much).


Sometimes an eurasian jay, of raucous and piercing cry, passes at the autumn or spring, but it prefers to stay in the trees of the garden bellow. 

Magpie, crows and starlings prefer to remain on the high terraces of the building, even if in a year of nest sites shortage, a couple of starlings insisted to settle almost in our living room, in the roller blind box.

NichoirFenêtre et Nichoir

It is on this small terrace, that we installed a nesting box located at 2 meters of the french window.


                       Welcome at home...

                       in 2006  Entrez Entrez  

                      in 2007

                          and in 2008.

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