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February 2009 

February 2


3-4 cm of snow tonight.

Not for long, rain in the morning!




For magpies nothing beats a refreshing dip of fresh snow!

This morning I found them in the process of digging a hole and spreading their wings in the snow.



4 February



Little activity in recent days, no visits.


5 February

This morning beautiful sun and warmth (5 °C). Passage of a blue tit but no visit, a nice small band of long-tailed tits in the inner garden.


An alder in the nearby square attracted a small band of goldfinches happy to find some seeds, babbling continuously.


[Carduelis carduelis Passeriformes frigillidae]
Chardonneret élégant. 

Can not go wrong with this beautiful red mask.
Its beak is long and pointed.


Black wings with bright yellow feathers and white spots visible at the ends of primary and secondary pinions.

30 janvier 2009


10 February

Cold, rainy weather, storm last night and this morning. 

The balcony is deserted by the birds. No tits; neither blue nor great for over a week. Just a blue, briefly seen the 5th. Cold, bad weather, predators?
At the same time last year, visits of the nest box were numerous.

This morning all sparrows were sheltered from strong winds, in a protected area.


Like every year, starlings gather in the evening, in very broad flocks in the neighbourhood. They are many thousands, to join the dormitories, such as the BNF. They enjoy a little break at the top on the cranes (lots in the area).


I'm fine, right? 

The 6th, a moment of blue sky for this robust Passer domesticus.


13 February


Snow showers, 2°C.

Reappearance of a blue tit today and in lasts days.
It does not seem to be one of the known regulars. She explored with the application, trees and plants of the balcony but curiously, it was not interested in feeding.

Ph. 110209

The camera is now installed Live Streaming (webcam link). As there is no activity at this time in the nest box, it is installed for the moment on a trial basis and will not be "online" all the time.



The swimming pool of long-tailed tits.


A small puddle of water formed along the cement walkway of the Parc de Bercy, this is the occasion for a good bath for a band of Long-tailed tits.
A fairly fresh bath, the temperature should not exceed 1° or 2°C.


And a community bath!

The little blue head right in the middle? A blue tit which participates to the game of splashing.


There is some congestion, everyone wants a place and the blue tit in the middle seat does not intend to move.


Each bathes with delight in the tiny puddle of water before  the blue tit who does not care all that fuss.


19 February

.After many days of grey, beautiful sunshine today, but cold, the temperature decreased, 2 °C this morning. 

It grows among the daffodils, clematis and hyacinths


These days, there is an air of spring with the songs starting again. There are inging on the birch.
Dunnock, (Prunella modularis) sings with all his heart in the garden for two days.

The 17th, a blue tit looked lengthily what happens in the nest box. So intrigued that I thought she would enter, but no. I hope the lodgings pleased.



The 16th, they were 4 blues visiting the balcony. In the garden a band of six inspected all trees that begin to bud.
The big tit found again the way to the feeder and passes since several days.


Magpies build; one flew with a large branch on the beak to join his companion in a large tree in the garden.
Robins begin to inspect their juniper bush where they nest for several years. The pair of wood pigeon came back and lay side by side on a ledge, waiting lazily and silently.


Yesterday a blue seized a peanut after cunning to avoid cumbersome sparrows.

This morning, despite the fine weather, no blue tits. Only a great tit did a very short passage this morning.


20 February

Grey again, but 10 °C. Morning of numerous passages of blue tits.


   Spring outfit required!


Lac des Minimes 190209

Fluffy enough for the Goat willows or Pussy Willow or Great Sallow (Salix caprea - male here) and its hazelnut one shelled catkins.


Iridescent green and fine white collar for mallards competing on shimmering.


Hazelnut russet for the grebe.

The Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus, grèbe huppé) is proud of his new ruff of red and black feathers, his wedding dress.

Soon it will raise its offspring... in striped pyjamas.


Min. Juin 08

It is ready for nuptial parade. Face to face, chest against chest, each turns his head to one side, then the other, raising the neck, raised double crested. They swim together, plunge together and sometimes one partner offers a tuft of seaweed to the other, first material of the future nest.

Etangs de Hollande 140208

Dark chocolate for the gull.

Black-headed gulls don their chocolate cap. Here still dotted by a few grains; white feathers remain still near the beak.



24 February

Grey sky, a little sunshine this evening. 8 °C

Since February 16 the blue tit used to come in the morning. It is alone, eats a few seeds, sings a bit and then leaves. Sometimes it comes back two or three times in the morning. But she shows no interest for the nest box.

(The webcam is, for now, "offline".)



A little stroll at Mr. Robin wood.

Always magnanimous, patient, it graceful allows to be photographed. It's the best of models; familiar it can be approached and allows missing the first photos! It kindly waits for the settings to be corrected..

He likes to dig in the mud of the small stream where I have already met it,  in search of small invertebrates. Small stream that, at this time, is nearly dry and full of small fish that have hard times to survive in the last pools. He is faithful to the same places because the male guards his territory throughout the year.

Still, a small sign of impatience here: it raises the tail and will soon fly.

Minimes 190209


Here in the coldest days of this winter. Admit that it has the sense of composition (even if it failed to remove the little stem).

Ph. 090109 même endroit.


25 February

This morning the low grey clouds accepted to leave. Sunlight and bird songs everywhere.

The small blue came to his usual yesterday morning and again early this morning at 8 am. It sings perched in the birch. Around 11 am it starts to look at the nest box and to approach the entrance. Then, it clings to the entrance, trying to see inside. It stays a moment at the entrance.

And surprise, at 11:40 am, after a few "I will, I will not ...", it passes the head, head and shoulders, three quarters of the body, a little more, we see that the tail on the outside. Come on, still a little effort; it gathers courage and enters. Admit that it is a bit stressful to enter an unknown box whose only exit is the small opening of 26mm.


Its visit will last about fifteen seconds, and then it will remain a moment at the door. This is the time of day when the sun enters directly in the nest box at this time of year. Can be clearly seen on the photos (the entry hole is on the right). I have noticed that it was at this moment that the visits are preferred. Probably because we see the interior is well lit and more reassuring. In the evening she returned a moment at 17:20


26 February


Greyness is back, 10 °C. Poor light again today. 

The little blue came back to feed and sing this morning.
A small tour at the door of the nest box, it enters just the head.
Visit of a great tit first time since long-time.



27 February


Well, should I write again that the greyness is still there?

9:45 am passage of a blue to sing. Just to sing perched on top of the birch, not to feed.
Then she made a small tour on the balcony, exploring everywhere, going from the side of the nest box. Her singing is not the same that I remember from previous years of the landowner (territorial song). The little singer sings quite gently.
The singer, because I think it is a male, which for the moment is alone or at least it comes alone to the balcony. His song finished, it will resume it in the garden below.


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