Some ideas for feeders "anti nice fusspots".

Selective feeder for tits.

Diameter of holes (29 mm) allows the passage of blue and great tits.

The feeder is hidden in the greenery, but regular customers know where it is. Each one enters to take a sunflower seed and fly away to shell it on a branch of a nearby tree.

Mangeoire mésange

Special feeder "grease ball" (winter). Same idea: the access hole diameter allows only tits. This feeder is intended for those who know how to climb. 

Mangeoire boule

Of course, our sparrow friends have a free access to a "bottle" feeder totally hidden in the greenery but known by all.

Some "top-model-slim" sparrows can enter the feeder and other "super-sparrows" manage to climb to the grease ball.


Feeders are supplied is small quantities to account just as a complement.