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August 2008 

Sorry not yet translated. Translation in progress.

August 1st 

Four days of the flowering of a sunflower.

TournesolFollow it for the visit.



You'll want to take another pollen help.


August, and we don't see any more swifts, this year they left early, around July 27.


7 August

Array of turtles in the solarium.


They were 13 this August 4, heating the sun. Sunbath for Red-eared Sliders.  [Vincennes]

.Introduced to be sold as pets, the Red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) in the released nature, adapted very well. It is a potentially invasive species, threatening biodiversity.

Purchased small "dwarf" turtles become adults in a few years, and animals from 1.5 to 2 kg and 25 cm. Cumbersome, many were (are?) "released" and are now present in all departments. Their importation is banned in Europe since 1997.

Some numbers: In 60 years, the USA farms produced up to 10 million young Red-eared sliders per year! For France, between 89 and 90, 1.8 million turtles were imported.

In the South of France it reproduces and nesting sites were found in Ile-de-France (around Paris).

It constitutes a threat to European pond terrapin (Emys orbicularis) present in the south of the Loire. It is more aggressive and displaces the native turtle.

There are only two species (strictly protected and in decline throughout Europe) of freshwater turtles indigenous to France: the European pond terrapin and the Spanish pond turtle (Mauremys leprosa). European pond terrapin is found in Aquitaine, Provence-Cote d'Azur, Corsica and Spanish pond turtle is found mainly in Languedoc-Roussillon. The European pond terrapin is carnivore, the Spanish pond turtle is omnivore as is the Red-eared slider.

More information.  
- The program "Tortues de Floride" of the ESE Paris-Sud.


10 August


.It was a long time without seeing tits.
The little blue came to nibble the birch.

A short pause in this diary. Coming soon.


30 August



Works after summer break.


The tits also seem to have returned, a great tit came to sing at the top of the birch.

We took down the nest box to remove the nest and clean the entire nest box. Dismantling, washing, cleaning and disinfection.
We found the nest clean. Only two small jumping spiders there had taken refuge inside.

7cm of moss, straw, feathers, thread, small branches, down.
The nest bowl was placed at the back of the nest box on the side opposite to the door.

Very cosy, the nest is embroidered ... threads of gold! Luxury isn't?

(Enlarge for details)


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