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March -2- 2010

March 19th

Warm 19 °C, blue, clouds in the afternoon.

Location of small birdhouse.

She remained in the nest box to sleep last night.


Some last minute layout modifications.


And shuteye!

I wanted to try the lighting last night taking advantage of his absence. Well, no.

I saw them still at about 18:30 and from the way she went in and out of the box, I wondered if she had not intentions of staying there. He was with her, following her in the balcony. And at 18:50 she entered and did not come out. He went to sleep by himself. The nest is not finished, began four days ago, she comes early to spend the night.

6:30 This morning. Still sleeping.

.6:42, Madame wakes.

He, the alarm clock, is already there, not far away and sings. Amazing the power of his song. It carries far.

. She exits a few minutes later at 6:46.
The both leave immediately.

They will stay away long enough, I profit to put some lighting.

.The result is not very good; the settings of the colour camera should have been adjusted. Despite all attempts to improve the setting at distance this morning, the image is not sharp enough. It will remain as is. It is excluded to disturb her.

I let a dim lighting to see.

She returned later and did not seem at all disturbed by the lighting. It is low and natural light is strong in the nesting box on the sun. No different reaction from her observed.

No new furniture will enter the nest this morning. She will spend her time to overturn the moss already placed. To pick large bits of moss (unpleasant?, spiny?), to go out and throw them away on the balcony. Doing and undoing... Yesterday threads are taken out then inside again. Not yet! A few minutes later, to the bin! Definitively they do not fit.

Both, they spend much time "out" (off the balcony!). Periodically she returns back to overturn bedding and they leave.

The end of this video coincides with de arrival of a sparrow.
Him outside, had the same stance until the sparrow decided to leave.

Watch VIDEO   (578ko,32s)


Coming out of the box a quick feather dressing is often necessary.
After noon, restart of moss supplies which will continue until mid-afternoon, but rather irregularly.
It seems that after her wandering, she returns with a little something that pleased her.

March 20th



Showers, Light and warmth, 16 °C this morning.


Like yesterday, she came to sleep at 18.40.
And wake up with songs this morning at 7am.


Watch VIDEO   (1198ko,1mn15s)



Some of the work is to shed pieces of moss that does not fit! As in the video above. She does not drops then just at nest box door, but she takes them far enough. You must have a trained tit eye to see which are the strands not worthy of her nest!


March 21th

After an evening and a night of very heavy rain, overcast, 15 °C.
Worried that morning, he must have had a "panne d'oreiller" (pillow failure) there was nobody to sing.
After waiting, she left alone at 7am.
The two returned an hour later. Day chores well established, remove some moss, bring some moss, a little walk and start again.


Back to sleep around 6:45 am, oh yeah, she sleeps 12 hours!

She always sleeps in the same corner, his head against the wall.

We switch off the light at about 18:30, there is still daylight, but she seems to go to bed early, so ...

March 22th

Wonderful spring day, 17 °C.

Poplar catkins scatter their red pollen.

And the wood pigeons, who love these beautiful branches, come to coo, love when the branches bend, fold under their weight, they swing again and again at the end of the branch and ... break the branches that I sadly found down.
Poor poplar, already it has not so many branches. Under the weight of years he has thinned out. Now it must endure le wood pigeon games.

The blue tit leaved early, it was clear this morning at 6:30, he was near her singer.

The couple of great tits must have take up residence nearby. He sings lengthily on the terrace. Always the same sentence, relentless and strong.

She always puts out some tufts of moss...



... and she brings new ones.

She proceeded to these exchanges the whole day.
The architect choices are very difficult.

.. Despite these hesitations, little by little the nest completes. The moss increases.

It alternates periods of moss provision and periods when she returns and packs the moss in the edges leaving the centre always clear. She passes regularly.

Apart from a few twigs, as here, the materials are mostly moss. These twigs will not stay long after they moved to different corners of the nest; she will eventually remove the coarser ones.


..Ah, yes! That's the big nestbox!

They finally revisit both!

A regret?
Or fancy a second home?

February 21 12:17


March 23th

Sumptuous weather!

Contribution and construction periods which are followed by periods of discarding materials unsuitable for nesting.
He is less present and we see him a lot less. She passes periodically house keep the nest during the day; turn over the moss, pack. Often now he doesn't accompany her any more.

The days lengthen rapidly at this time, she comes to bed later (19h) but in the morning... she loiters a little and it does not leave before 6:45 am.

March 24th

Always spring weather, 20 °C.

I was surprised in the morning not to see the male come to sing. I often saw the female leave alone the morning without him under her balcony.
This morning it was earlier when I came to see (6h), and he is there! And he sings and sings without interruption.

.In the nest box?
Sleeping! He sings, always the same refrain.

.Fifteen minutes later, she peeks... and goes to bed again.

Disappointed, he finally gave up and left. She will leave at 6:30 am, alone. Wait a little singing. Then, you're not there? (Well, no!) and then leave.

Big clash this morning with the great tits, small blue detest their presence near their home.
We saw flying in all directions, both of them chased the great tits, tiny blue balls behind the big tits.

Supply of moss happens mostly between 11h and 14h. Few passages in the morning. Today, nobody between 8am and 11.30am.
This morning we could see the bottom of the box, the moss layer is thick. 

.The afternoon is devoted mainly to packing. Standing on the floor, she pushes the moss with the head and shoulders.

.Construction and packing lesson.

Watch VIDEO   (886ko,41s)

She keeps just a small spot empty in the centre.



March 25th

Light rain and mild, 15 °C.
This morning they meet, 6:20.

.She continues to bring and pack moss that begins to be thick. It remains still an empty space (where shi sits, on the left).
I love when she starts to plunge under the moss carpet.

W VIDEO   (674ko,46s)

At departure? First, she jumps and latter she opens the wings!


He, at left, making rapid and jerky wing beats on the spot. A behaviour that I have seldom observed. Meanwhile she (below) watch. At the end of his sequence, it flies away and she follows.


Straw or dry grass in the afternoon before the storm and showers.
It looks like she chose the location of the nest bowl.



Ah yes, they are there!

The ball is open pigeons.
Back to their favourite window boxes.

March 26th

Clouds, showers, sun, 12 °C.





A ray of sunshine, here they are outside...

.In March, they end wintering, the Comma in its orange livery and the Peacock with the splendid ocelli. They spent the winter at the adult stage, hidden under leaves.



Common Brimstone is also outside; in spring (early) it also comes out of its shelter, where it spent the winter.

Despite a nice chase, this one really didn't want be on the photo, impossible to approach closer. 

March 27th

Showers, drizzle, cold wind, 10 °C

Lately, we've seldom seen the male. It comes in the morning, then two or three times and he accompanies her in the evening when she comes to sleep. There he is again very present, accompanying her the whole day. But he doesn't come to see her in the nest box anymore.

Still and again, arguments with the great tits and even with the sparrows.

This morning: 3 blues! This is the third time that I see as 3. The third is it the same one seen in the winter? They come together. There is no aggressive behaviour between them.
Dans le nichoir.




The construction phase is to "dry grass".
Shortly, it will be the turn of feathers and other cozies that provide the finishing touches.

 Watch VIDEO   (760ko,39s)
 Watch VIDEO   (398ko,18s)


About great tits...


Yes, it's still the same great tit! It clearly has not replaced its tail feathers!

(WEBCAMlink:The small birdhouse used in previous years has only webcams and not an IP camera as installed in the large nest box. Unfortunately, we had not enough time to implement a new procedure, replacing one that had been planned and tested to have a live display of these Webcams immediately. These are only the videos that will be presented at the moment for the little birdhouse. Videos that can be found in these pages.)

March 28th

Overcast, humid, 12 °C.

She left at 7:20 this morning (summer time! She forgot to advance her watch!).


This night she went to look after the nest bowl!
On several occasions, she came to arrange a few pieces in the cup of the nest before resuming her position, lying in her favourite corner.



.La photo de gauche date d'il y a deux jours. Je pense que son nid est presque fini et qu'elle n'apporte plus d'herbes mais passe la journée maintenant à former avec son corps la coupe du nid. Elle reste en effet très peu de temps au nichoir, souvent juste pour se coucher un instant au creux du nid.


March 29th

Sun, clouds, 12 °C.

.6:15 it was still dark, well dark. The suitor is there and sings softly, without stops, patiently. Madame sleeps and doesn't move a feather.

He sings before the large birdhouse, because there are no possibilities to roost before the small next box. I love to hear him and sing in the morning. Let's wish for him that she also likes that.

He will have to wait over an hour for her to agree to go out for morning lovemaking.


(Sorry, photos are very bad; but I did not want to risk disturbing the singer with a big flash.)


The "soft" comes as... a few green leaves!
I've seen in previous years tits bring so leaves.

Will or leaves clinging accidentally to her feathers or legs that fell when se is in the nest box? I do not know. Although studies indicate that tits have been studied (in the South) which actually bring the plants into their nests (some thinks with the purpose of disinfection or insecticides (?)).
Last stage before it settles for laying, the nest is more and more cozy.

. Watch VIDEO   (574ko,22s)




Welcoming isn't? Very cosy her dwelling.


Watch VIDEO   (338ko,21s)

Watch VIDEO   (424ko,21s)

Watch VIDEO   (352ko,21s)

Watch VIDEO   (474ko,25s)

The small white gizmo in the nest? No. I do not know what it is, it intrigued me a lot but even looking at several enlarged photos, I do not know what it is. It is found in one of the videos.

March 30th

Showers, grey, cool, 9 °C..
Hail, 5°C in the afternoon.

.6am, he's there, he sings.


Et il s'impatiente... se rapproche peu à peu du nichoir.



Dans le nichoir, on dort encore. Et bien.
Elle va seulement changer de place et dormir dans la coupe du nid.
Aucune intention de se lever ainsi dès potron-minet.
Je ne t'entends pas!

.Une demi-heure plus tard il est toujours là, il devient vraiment impatient.

Bon, debout là dedans!
Là je vais finir par venir te chercher.

Dans le nichoir ce n'est que profonde indifférence.



He might strive to awake her, she does not care.
Finally, at 7:18 am she finally unfolds, and replied... I didn't understand...

.She decides to leave.

Really a clock, the time is the same every day!
7:16 March 29th, 7:20 the 28th...

We understand that it is futile for him to expect her to get up sooner, isn't?


Rare picture, both together.

With the streak coquettishly over the left eye, it's him. And in the background, her.

.Feathers, feathers, feathers,...


March 31th


Rather cool this morning: 6 °C, while he sings as usual under a March sky between two showers.
He must wait until 7:21 to meet her.

Here they are just after her wake up.

She brings feathers, and still feathers and stay long time in the nest box or nearby. She is often seen watching the nest bowl.

He accompanies her, he never leaves her.

Watch VIDEO   (816ko,1mn04s)


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