Blue tits  2008


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5-26 mai 2008

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26 novembre A l'entrée
12 18 décembre 2007 12h03
Visites nichoir
2 janvier
5 janvier
6 janvier
Visite nichoir
16h58 avec lum
10h17 avec lum
5 January 2007 First visit of the nest box. 6 January 2006 First visit of the nest box.
9 janvier
10 janvier
14 janvier

17h15 lum
12h09 lum
13h15 une minute

15 janvier
16 janvier


18 janvier

11h58 > 1mn

17h23 15 s
 12 janvier: visits each day 
19 janvier 9h11
9h18 (2mn)
9h57 (2mn)
20 janvier 9h47
11h03 (1 3mn)
12h07 (5mn)
12h35 (3mn)
13h18 (2mn)
15h01 (2mn)
21-23 janvier

21 janvier
9h41 (3mn)
10h07 (3mn)
13h03 (3mn)

22 janvier
9h10 9h37 11h08
11h12 11h21 14h22

23 janvier
9h02 10h17 11h05 11h10 11h30 11h40  11h44 11h50  12h 13h 13h12 13h43 13h45 (15 mn) 13h59 14h 16h29 16h34  16h40
24 janvier 10h50
25 janvier 9h01 9h43 11h02 11h40 12h47 12h52
26 janvier 9h38 10h30 11h 11h26 11h54
27 janvier 9h21 9h56 10h 10h12 10h28 11h10 11h41 12h45 12h53 13h22 13h25 (20mn) 13h41 13h42
28 janvier 10h19 10h20  11h49 13h31 13h34
29 janvier 10h52 10h54 11h06 12h21 12h29 à 12h40
30 janvier
31 janvier
11h47 à 11h58 12h21 12h23 12h25

9h04 10h23 11h35 11h57

er février

2 février

3 février

No entry.

9h 9h12 9h50 10h50 12h47 14h04 14h15 14h35 14h40

9h30 10h 11h08 1250 13h 13h10 13h15
4 février 10h03 10h27 10h54 11h02

5 10h03 10h27 10h32 10h50 11h02 13h48 13h50 14h58 15h 15h39 15h50 16h 16h04 16h15 February 5 2 or 3 visits a day on average. At least one per day. More frequent on sunny days. Short visits. Spaced short visits during February.
6 9h 9h21 9h50 10h  10h35 10h40 10h57 11h05 11h40 12h11 12h53 13h 13h08 13h53 14h15 14h17 14h35 15h20 15h25 16h06 6 février 2006 Visits more frequent.
Visits very frequent and very long. Until 30 minutes.
February 9 First grass blades.
10-13 Still lengthy visits.

13 février Nesting continues. First moss.
No bit of foam or straw.

16 février Visits get longer. 16 février First blades. Start of nesting.
25 February
Still no start of construction.
A tiny piece of twig.
9:11 9:40 11:50 15h38 16h21
20 février - 25 février Build-up acelerates. She brings big billfuls of moss. Until beginning of March Nest build-up.
27-28 February She just sleep in the nest box about 18.30 and leaves at 7:30 am the next morning.
Two small strands of moss.
26 - 28 février Build-up moves on.
1er -10 mars

11-16 mars
Some twigs and grass.

Construction began on 11 and advance quickly. Layer of moss.
1er mars - 16 mars Build-up always goes well.
17-21 mars Spring. Very cold weather.
The nest is almost done.
17-20 mars She puts out some stuff. Very cold weather.
21-26 mars The nest is almost completed. She brings feathers and down.. To the end of March Last March week, she adds cotton, threads and feathers, for a cozy couch.
22-31 mars Bad weather.
No feathers or down.
28 mars She sleeps the night in the nesting box.
1er avril Acceleration in the construction of the nest in the morning. For the first time a mating.

1er avril She spend the night in the box.
2-6 avril
The construction continues. Inflow of moss, straw and the cosy. Mating every morning.
6 avril FIRST egg!
7 avril Herbs dry yet. 7 avril TWO
8 avril
The nest seemed finished.
8 avril
9 avril
10 avril Egg? Possible. 10 avril FIVE
11 avril SIX ?? 11 avril 1st egg, the one egg a day on average.
12 avril SEVEN 12 avril 2
13 avril EIGHT
11-14 avril All signs of eggs laying but no visible eggs.
Frequent matings.
Assets of feathers and hair.
14 avril NINE and she starts to brood. 14 avril 3 ou 4
15 avril 1st egg
15 avril TEN and she broods.
16 avril TWO 16 avril ELEVEN she broods now..
April 17 THREE 17 avril TWELVE 17 avril 5
April 18 FOUR 18 avril She broods.
April 19 FIVE 19 avril She broods. 19 avril 6 ou 7
April 20 SIX 20 avril
She broods. 20 avril 8
April 21 SEVEN 21 avril
She broods. 21 avril She broods and he feeds her.
April 22 EIGHT 22 avril
She broods. 22 avril 9 eggs.
April 23 NINE
Beginning of brooding this day.
23-24 avril
She broods. 23 avril She stays the morning in the box. She broods and he feeds her. She leaves the nest during the day and comes back at dusk. Stays in the nest in the morning.
April 24 TEN eggs
She broods.
April 25-27 Ten eggs.
She broods.
Mating every days.
25-26-27 avril
She broods. 25 avril 10 eggs.
April 26 Brooding: 6 days 28-avril
Births: eight chicks! 26 avril
27 au 30 avril
She broods and leaves less and less.
April 29-30 She broods. 29-30 avril
May 1 She broods. 1er mai
A ninth.
May 2 She broods. 2 mai 9 open large yellow beaks. 1 au 6 mai She broods.
May 3 She broods. 3 mai The small last unfortunately did not survive.
May 4 She broods. Very good weather. Fine caterpillars. 4 mai First feathers pins.
May 5 13 days
15h53 FIRST chicks
17h31 two
18h02 three
18h19 four
20h48 five
5 - 7 mai The feathers pins push on the wings, on the head. 7 mai 7heure First chck.
May 6 5h50 six
10h seven

7 mai 8h 15 Second
May 7 8h19 eight

7 mai 9h 20 Third
May 8 Fostering 8 mai They open the eyes. 8 mai Fourth
May 9-10 TEN, No. 10 probably on May 7
10: Escapade outside teh nest cup.
10 mai Died of a chick. 9-14 mai Fostering.
May 11 Feathers in pins on back  and wings clearly visible
May 12
Seven chicks.
Strong chirps.
12 mai
14 mai
Died of 3 chocks.
The four chicks are well.
12 mai Feathers in pin.
They grow. Pins feathers clearly visible.
White Band on the wings
14 Second white stripe on the wings
15 Eyes began to open.  15 mai True small blue tits. 15 mai Eyes began to open. 
16 The yellow and black feather open.
The eyes are open.
16 mai Fledging begins. 
The father has disappeared this morning.
18 Yellow with a small black mask. 18 mai Take off for 3 chicks.
14h21 14h31 15h05
17-18 mai Eyes wide open.
19 Mealworms to help the mother. 18-19 mai Color appears.
20 mai Cà pousse. 20-21 mai Chicks chirp.
21 mai La mère ne dort plus dans le nichoir.
22 mai De plus en plus bruyants. La mère chante.
23 mai Battements d'ailes répétés. 23 mai The last chick is dead. 22-26 mai Colour intensifies. Face masks  are distinct..
24 mai Premiers sauts à la porte.
25 mai Tête à la porte.
26 mai La sortie des sept.
6h34 6h50 7h07 7h20 7h53 7h53 7h55
27 mai Take off.
9h40 9h45 9h47 9h48 Everyone is outside.