18-19 May    

PoussinElle et poussin

 18-19 May: 

The chicks start to resemble titmice, their color changes, the parents continue their coming and going.

 20-21 May

20 mai

20 May:

They begin to chirp!

21 mai

21 May: the feathers are quite open. Their  breast and cheeks are pale yellow, their cap is not yet defined. They are more and more heard and their call is more serious. The parents, who stopped singing since the arrival of chicks, start again to sing when they approach the nest. We hear the chirps from inside our home! Cloudy, windy, 16°.

21 mai



22 23 24 May

22 mai22 mai23 mai


Fine 19° and more and more blue tit.                           

24 mai24 mai23 mai

25-26 May


25-26 May: 
Little true gangsters titmice with their black mask well visible now.


The chicks remain more and more time around the nest, they leave the nest's bowl.

They jump towards the entry and we see a claw in the entry.

Both parents sing in the nest neighbourhood. Invitation to leave?

Sur le bouleauChanteChante

27 May

27 May: This morning we rose early (6h 30). The weather is not nice this morning, overcast and rainy. The 4 chicks are already awake. They are agitated and sit often on the edge of the nest and no more in the bowl of the nest, crowded against the others (and sometimes above the others!).

NidNidNid 27 mai


The parents ensure the supply. Today they share the tasks. From time to time a little meat, one deals with pear, the other shell sunflower seeds. Now they are not quiet any more and hum around the nest. The small ones also, they chirp and start to have a true titmouse voice. Fledging rhythm is such that sometimes the two parents enter the nest. It rains and they are soaked.

The weather is really dark; it does not seem that it will improve today. Chicks are beautiful and well feed.

A la fenêtreA la fenêtreA la fenêtreSort?

The small ones flap the wings and spend only little time in the nest bowl. At least two chicks. Difficult, as usual, to see all four of them simultaneously. Already yesterday, we saw fugitively a small yellow bill out of the door, then a small black claw. At about 8h 30 this morning, again a small head appears, returns, arises, hesitates… and re-returns.

Nourrisage fenêtre
We see more and more small bills at the door. Towards 8h45 she comes with a billful, she is nose to nose with a chick and hangs at the entry to fledge it. It put out its bill through the hole, then remains a little in the open air.

Nourrisage fenêtreNourrisage fenêtreNourrisage fenêtre

The parents continue their shuttle," chickadeeing", and chicks answer. They are not quiet any more. Once a wood pigeon alighted on the balustrade. Oh yes, they like the terrace, perhaps a little too much…. She shout out in alarm, the same cry that he utters when he think that I remain too long on “his” terrace. At once the 4 chicks, which frolicked on the edge, out of the bowl of the nest,  went back in the bowl and  keep silent. 

It is 9h16, it seems that the weather is going to lighten.

            A small chick look by the door...        suiv suivez