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June 2009 -2-

15 June

Lady thrush goes to the market.


Near the bank a song thrush stock-up supplies, going from here and there.

Not fearful, on its search it will eventually come closer.

Hunting is good. Within minutes it made its pourchasing.

. .

The basket is full. It is time to join the brood. Chicks will enjoy.

Fine-looking  skewer.

("lady thrush" for the title but may  it is "monsieur" )


18 June

For some time I didn't talk about "balcony feathers". Two weeks ago a blue tit came with her little one. She returned several times especially on rainy days!


                Rather wet, both of them.


19 June

Moulting of the Canada goose.

.These "blue feathers" of the most beautiful effect, which the Canada Geese wear at this time in the wings sides, are the quills of flight feathers that are currently budding. Young's and adults show their blue stain.

A few weeks after the chicks hatch, the geese moult and lose all their flight feathers.

They will wait about six weeks to fly again.


Meanwhile, no one leaves his favorite corner in this period.


The little ones (well, big little ones) walk reminds ostrich!
For them also, their new remiges are budding


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