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February 2008 

1er February

A weather not to put a tit outside. 8 °C this morning. Rain, wind, heavy clouds.

None entered the nest box today. Short passages for some sunflower seeds.


It is 15h, they come together, and both want to hang on the door of the nest box. Scramble, imbalance. One still hung ... by a finger. Then gives a quick glance at the entrance


No need to convince you that it is raining, I think.


The interior of the nest box seems also wet. 

This is the first time in three years. 

We must check the seals.




No doubt, these wings lowered, that's him.

In so doing he defends its territory, and also, tries to appear very convincing to his girlfriend to show him the birdhouse. (These pictures are from yesterday).


What do you do when you are in the nest box? This is the female.  She may stay that way over half an hour, here just 30s of this mad agitation.
Video January 29, 2008 12:30 180K 30s

A la porte
Merci de patienter quelques secondes pendant le chargement...
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2 February

Sun, blue sky, et last! 3°C

Pigeon ramier

Well installed in the window box this morning, "our" couple of wood pigeons [Columba palumbus].



They blithely trample plants and seem appreciate this bed of herbs (rosemary, sage and savoury).

They remain quite shy and accept to be observed but at respectful distance.

The photos are not very good through the windows and little light. We can see here the white patch at the neck of woodpigeon and his rose chest.



The tits are very much present today. The weather is fine and visits are frequent. In the early afternoon she will spend half an hour in the nest box.



3 February

Sun and blue sky, 7°C


This morning we find the wood pigeons again installed in the flowerpot. They did not sleep there, and settled there only in the early morning.
The program: sweet cooing, little tingling of feathers.


Pie bavarde

The magpies [Pica pica] often walk with a high nose, on the terraces, attentive to the slightest movement. They feed primarily on insects. These goings-on are funny to watch. They explore all possibilities.

Here is one hunting this time on a window.


                     Hey, want ...


It seems there was something. Let's see, let's see. No precipitation.


The easiest way is to go and see. The trick is to know the right time judge and act quickly. Win!




The sunflower seed of the day.


4 February

Rain is back.

Few visits, six between 10h and 11h. Visits devoted to these beautiful movements. This attitude is used to squish materials like moss in the nest. There is still nothing. Last year the first strands were brought on 9 February. For now, we have neither detected the presence of the two chickadees in the nest box.



5 February

Grey, rain, wind, 10 °C this morning. Still greyness.

No wood pigeons this morning. With this weather, we understand. It is noon and no tits either.

Need to wait until 14h to see them arrive and stay until 16h15. She remains in the nest box up 3/4ths of an hour.

With its supplies!


       Followed by a short doze.



6 February

Luminous, 10°C

Lui entre

9h20 this morning. The weather is fine; they arrive early.

It is he who goes into the nest box.

Lui entre942

There he is installed.

A second later, she follows him. There is he, packed at the bottom of the photo; he tries to pass unnoticed.


A look and exits leaving her as mistress of the place.


These are the first pictures of both of them together in the nest box. In the afternoon, they will met inside again for a moment.

53There have been several entries in the nest box today. Usually it is she who enters alone one and stays a long time. He sings nearby.

The opportunity to admire by the way, the distribution of white feathers on the blue dress.


We see less often the great tit, usually just the male. I do not know where they found a vacant shelter.


7 February


Beautiful sun all day.

Wood pigeons returned this morning.

Many passages throughout the day. They are there almost constantly and he sings and sings.

The first crocus of the year


8 February

Sur le nichoir

Blue, blue, blue...


10 February

Cold in the morning: 4 °C then 13 °C and blue sky.

Accenteur mouchet

Accenteur mouchet

A newcomer on the balcony: a dunnock [Prunella modularis - Passeriformes prunnellidae -]. Also called Hedge accentor or Hedge sparrow.

He reminds the sparrow, but has a grey head, grey-brown beside the eyes. He has orange legs and legs and beak are much finer than the sparrow. On the wing he has a narrow band of white feather tips visible here. Breast and belly are clear.

This morning, in the sun, perched at the top of the poplar, it repeated continuously its melodious short sentence that allowed his identification. Although small, you her him, his singing is bright and sharp.

It is insectivorous (he has a fine beak). In winter when insects are scarce, they may eat seeds.


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