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April 2008 -4-

24 April

Gorgeous day. Full sun, blue and hot 17 °C.

Number ten at 7 am this morning.
She incubates permanently now. He signals his arrival and she answer. He is allowed to enter.



And hunting is good. It is warmer, the caterpillars are there. That is reassuring.

For breakfast...

Watch VIDEO   (1446ko 23s)


He goes back and forth regularly to feed her. In the morning she is served at bed and in the afternoon she accepts to leave the nest to receive his caterpillar.

In the morning, he arrives with a beautiful prey. He signals his arrival. No reaction in the nest box. He insists long time. Still nothing. Madame is satiated and does not even deign to make the effort. .. So, after walking long-time the caterpillar, he ends crunching it.


25 April

Fine this morning. 12°C.

732He came to join her at 6:50 and they left together. Always ten eggs: laying seems complete.

She will brood for about 14 days.

She broods.  Watch VIDEO   (1484ko 47s)

Last trend.



                                                     Livraison matinale.



ArrivéeVers le nichoir

Arrival of the caterpillar. He flies to the nest box.


To offer the caterpillar at the door.


26 April

Beautiful and hot day. Since two days, swifts have arrived.
He comes with his morning caterpillar and at 6:40, they left. No more songs in the morning since three days.

She incubates continuously and quickly returns to the nest.
Today, she brought what appear to be green leaves. There are several in the nest. Curious. I wonder what kind of leaf it happens to be.


The great grey feather sometimes acts as mattress, sometimes as parasol.



When he comes with a caterpillar, he always signals his arrival. Practical for her and practical for the photo, just listen and be ready.

During the day, usually she exits when he comes with a caterpillar. It's her with the caterpillar in the beak.

Sometimes it lasts, and Romeo calls for a long time.

And sometimes, definitely not, she is so well in the nest box, and don't feel like going out ... he must brig the meal to bed.

 Watch VIDEO   (1414ko 40s)

NourrissageAu lit

[The sequence is in IR because he doesn't enter very often and I did not want to miss the entrance. I have to exchange the camera that takes pictures on video to keep the colour, which takes a little time, so I stayed on IR for the video.]


He passes about every hour with a prey. Of course it depends on the success of the hunt but also the time of the day. His passages seem more frequent in the morning, and slow down in the afternoon. Sometimes in rapid succession, he brings several caterpillars, a good hunting spot? From time to time, after a feeding, they leave together.

When he is too late she comes out and calls singing. If nothing comes, she eventually leaves. At the end of the day at about 17:30 and until 19h, she leaves, often alone.


On the menu, mainly green caterpillar.



His arrival is still the opportunity to meet.


27 April

Again beautiful and warm. 22 °C in the afternoon.





28 April

Overcast. 14-17°C54


She eats.
She arranges the brood.

She broods...
and, as yesterday, they mate.





A spider to change from caterpillars?

Yes, but this one will be for him. Finding the waiting too long she had leaved and despite his appeals, she does not appears. 

He will look at the entrance of the nest box, then gulp!


Sorry, translation in progress.

29 avril

Il pleut. 12°


Bon appétit!

A-t-il trouvé un vrai trésor? Le bon coin?
Entre 7h et 11h30, 34 nourrissages (si,si j'ai compté, pas difficile la dame sort du nichoir) avec, à une ou deux chenilles près, une majorité d'araignées.

La pluie est-elle favorable à leur sortie?
Sa ronde continue toute la matinée, Il vient toutes les cinq-dix minutes.

Ouf!  Elle doit être repue.

Portrait de l'émérite petit livreur, un peu mouillé.

Petit livreur



Deuxième service.

Elle est bonne?
L'après-midi? Toujours de l'araignée.
Celle-ci, on dirait bien une épeire.
Au passage il cherche sur la terrasse si quelques-unes ne lui avaient pas échappé.

Il scrute tous les recoins, tous les trous, les bords de pots et même ... l'arrosoir. Il a raison, une araignée insiste toujours pour y faire sa toile. 

La charbonnière passe à son tour et refait l'inspection. Décidément, sale temps pour ces bébêtes aujourd'hui.

Le score? Entre 11h30 et 15h: 21 nourrissages. Entre 15h et 17h50: 8. Soit, 63 au total à 18h.



Petite visite du merle du coin.


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