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March 2008 -1- 

1er March

Many clouds, strong wind, a few raindrops. 13 °C this morning.

At midday, beautiful blue sky. Strong wind blowing in gusts on the balcony.

Last night she came to sleep in the nest box at 18:30. Good idea to stay sheltered from the elements for the night.

And this morning she leaved at 7:40. She left alone, he was not there. Curiously she flew off the balcony immediately.
There are always a few strands of moss in the nest box and a sunflower shell, and that move, appear and disappear with her movements.

In the evening she returned to bed.


18h30 - Good night! Until 7:20 the next day. See VIDEO


2 March

Skies very overcast. Spring temperature, 17 °C in the afternoon.


Some more heterogeneous supplies. Twigs, moss, dry grass.




The skimmias are in bloom. Their flowers are delightfully fragrant. They have not escaped the first bees.

All the winter we enjoyed their red buttons and their purple-bronze persistent leaves.

Skimmia japonica 'Rubella'


                       A pollen load.



18h15 she returns. There is still a lot of light, the sky is clear but it doesn't matter. Shuteye.


3 March

Very overcast, wind and rain in the morning. 9 °C.

At 7:20 wake up. A small tour at the entrance. Not decidedly weather is too bad!



7:21 When you must...  See VIDEO



Beautiful sun in the afternoon.
Short passing of the great tits (Madame).


4 March


Cold. 5 °C this morning. North wind.
Rain and hail.

Dame blue tit came to bed at 18:15 and, as usual, until 7:20 next morning. 

The balcony suffers the gusts of wind, and we have just seen the couple of blues in the late morning (12h30 and 14h).


Still no progress in the build-up of the nest. Curious how this year the behaviour is different.

Here, the status of nesting last year on 5 March.

Around noon, above us, quite low, a kestrel falcon, hunting, glides in large circles. Once again during the lunch time.

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Rayon de soleil

At the end of this tormented day, a big cloud darkens the sky and a solitary ray of sunlight pierces and caresses a small twig of the prunus.



18h20 she settles for the night.

No this is not new grass but the same moved a lot.



5 March

Beautiful sunny day.

17h19 wake up. She leaves directly as every morning.

Activities of the day.



Shall I put it more to the left? I hesitate.

The same strands are displaced.


Coucher de soleil

Very beautiful weather and the evening the light is still high and the sunset is sumptuous.
She takes advantage of this evening and returns later to bed (18:40).

Five minutes later, a picture shows her in this attitude.



This is not the time to bother her.

I did not see the cause of these vehement protests.

A minute later she moved into his favourite corner.



6 March

Sky well overcast. No wind. Light rain, 10 ° C.


The lady in blue wakes up at her usual 7:20. She starts putting his head at the entrance, remains a while to study this new day... and goes back to bed.




Many positions "fan" today.
And attacks to the wood of the birdhouse and the watertight joint.


Lie down: 18:25.

7-9 March

She gets up a little earlier. The days lengthen and she wakes up around 7 am and returns regularly to bed at night.


10 March

Day of storm. Heavy rains and violent winds. 

7:25, weather so bad that she rises only at 7:30.  See VIDEO


A little birdhouse arrangements in the morning. (12:04)


11 March

The storm subsided. Beautiful light this morning. Mild weather, 14 °C in the afternoon.

It is 7:09, Madam wakes up. She passes the head at the entrance. Monsieur waits beside the nest box. He sounded the alarm singing. He is not very visible; he is just hidden behind a branch of the rose-bush.


Le ménage

It is 8:48. The weather is fine this morning; it gives ideas for spring cleaning.

Why not proceed to a small housekeeping?


The big leaf, present for several days in the nest box, is beginning to appear.


Out you go.


Perched on the birch she peaks at the leaf as if she wanted to break it.


Then she picks it again...


And back to the birdhouse where she places it again.



An hour later the same. The leaf and Madame, leaving... 

and back. Doing and undoing is a work of sorts.


It looks like the nest was started today. Come the time for a feather then for an herb to suffer the same fate.

The large leaf quits for the last time and this time she drops it.

She will make many trips bringing twigs, moss to take out other elements that she casts. The Belle is not yet determined about the plans of the future build-up. 

This wavering is the start of construction of the nest. She will still often hesitate before deciding. She activates, packs, blows up materials and even put them as a hat.



Petite têteTête


She spends long moments at her door.
Monsieur can take short looks in the nest box, but she does not want him to tag along and he is not welcome. He takes a quick look when she is not there. If he enters and she follows he gets out immediately.



10-11 March

Monday and Tuesday we went in the evening to the BNF when you were a scaring of starlings in the garden. The narrative:




Retour                                                                                                                                                            Suite