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April 2008 -2-

9 April

Overcast. 9 °C

A new day begins.



Very often in the nest box today. Returning, outgoing and remaining long time with the head at the door.




Sometimes she doesn't welcome sparrows, which are actually a bit intrusive and weigh twice. Okay, this one is not really impressed by the demonstration. There is not real aggression on the sparrows, just deterrence.

Position of immediate evasiveness, hanging upside down.


Or wings wide open, slowly opening and closing as if she were numb.


It's always her.

She remains near the nest box and doesn't like that anyone approach it. The couple from great tits coal should be well behaved.

Often she who starts the assault, then he joins her and the two unite to dispel the unwelcome, escorting him beyond the terrace. It does not go further because the great tits are aware that they are not on their own territory and do not persist.

He is often absent in recent days, leaving her alone to watch over. Since yesterday evening she seems pensive and uncomfortable.


She comes and goes on the balcony, enters, arranges a few twigs, leaves, waits lengthily on a branch.

The nest is ready.



Small tour of the greenfinch, or rather, a couple of greenfinches. They are noisy and a little-cheeky. It alights easily on the ground. They can not be missed when they arrive and if they can easily be confused with the sparrows (especially females) at a distance, their cries leave no doubt.

In the evening the male just sing his hard ztriiiiiit alone, at the top of a tree.



Here he is, more colourful (overall impression of yellow) than madame, to the right (grey-brown impression).


10 April

4 °C this morning. Then, spring day. 12 °C.

Romeo is there in the morning and sings.

Her Belle is awake, agitates, looks at the bowl of the nest, goes back to bed, picks at the bottom, but remains in the nest box.


She brings grass and soft materials into the nest bowl that ends well hidden. Normally this is a sign of an egg, as it always hides its eggs in the morning when she leaves when is not very hot. She begins to incubate at the end of the grip to ensure a grouped hatching.

She emerges very fast unlike his usual lazy way, and leaves immediately.

So, egg or no egg?

Seeing his attitude yesterday, I left the webcam all night. She was restless all night, but by comparing with other nights, nothing conclusive and no particular picture of laying.


In the morning, febrile bringing of soft materials. She must have found a pretty close source and does comings and goings. She enters directly into the nest box from below and climbing vertically or fly directly inside quickly, quickly, from far into the hole of the nest box. Not nice Madame, there are those who would have liked to take a photograph.

She brings strange objects like this stick with a tassel of feathers at both ends. What bird wears these plumes? The nest rises, rises.



Still questioning. Several photos show a white oval. But even enlarging, I'm sure of nothing. Maybe a small piece of stuffing.


636                                 In any case, fine result. Welcoming isn't?

Watch VIDEO   (906ko 18s)
The nest is much higher now and she is seen in close-up when she sits on the edge of her nest.


It deals much with the centre of the nest.

Well, refrain the impatience, we will see tomorrow. But this attitude...



Others also get hold of a comfortable mattress. While the blue tit does her comings and goings, they too are happy to have found a good source. Two couples share the provision. Two sparrows, because their cargo leaves sometimes easterly and other times to the west.

In their family also Monsieur works.

One of the female sparrows would have liked to take all, trying again and again to put still another bit in her beak. Too greedy, the outcome is that she will lose half of its load.



20h10, she goes to bed.


11 April

Great day. 15°C


Exit at 7:04, she quickly founds her favourite alarm clock, waiting faithfully and singing.

No visible egg and I do not think it is hidden. I was wrong.

Departure. Then back half an hour later.



Non-stop shuttle to bring soft material. White feather and many mouthfuls of ... hairs.



Fine down adheres everywhere except where you want!
Construction works are done in the morning. The afternoon is calmer; she passes from time to time, just to fix a little the nest bowl.




Morning in birch.




20h10, she is lying.


12 April

Beautiful sun 8 °C.

6:40, she came out already, and they leave after a brief encounter.
Hey, no, always not visible egg. The feather-ha
ir shuttle continues.



13 April

Relatively beautiful day until the evening when it rains.

MatinThe alarm clock. She remained long time at the door, well set. It is 7am.



Yet a small feather. These soft white feathers are irresistible.


The afternoon they often leave several hours. After verifying that they are not in the vicinity, I take this opportunity to try to reposition the cameras, to be able to see at the best the nest bowl

A little tit-tit tit-attracts attention. She comes with a big bunch of dry grass. Priority I withdraw quickly.



It can be seen that the bunch is a big one! The photos are in IR, that we were in the process of settling.

Il pleut le soir et à 20h elle est rentrée.


14 April

Very grey this morning with wind. 9 °C.

7h and she exits. I left the webcam at night. It is better positioned.

Still no visible egg and yet his behaviour is that of the female involved delicately of their spawning. But not the smallest shell on the photos.


Arrangement delicate of the centre of the nest sitting in at the edge of the nest, provision of soft materials, consolidation of the edges. The morning at wake up, she brings materials conscientiously to hide the centre of the nest.

He always brings her offerings.

  The others? The great tit sings with all her heart.  In the morning we heard our blackbird, less lengthily now.
  The dunnock (hedge accentor) and the c
hiffchaff sing in the garden in the morning. I have not seen again the dunnock on the   balcony. He is rare, living well hidden under a dense cover.
The green finches always stop for a moment on the balcony.


Our couple left the entire afternoon.

19:40, it is still clear, bright sun, she goes to bed. She does not sleep.

For an hour and a half by sequence of 5-10 minutes she took the attitude of an imminent spawning. Then settles and starts again. I had already seen the same attitude yesterday night, a shorter time.

Heavy breathing, head, wings and tail into alignment. The wings along the body.

Watch VIDEO   (148ko 9s)

I let the video run until 21h. Where she takes a sleeping position, hedgehog rolled in a ball.


No eggs this evening.


15 April

The weather is fine and not very hot; 4 °C.
This morning, her Romeo is there. We too. I put the video recording.

She is awake since 5 am. The photos show her restless all night. I was very surprised the first time, seeing photos of the night. The birds are bad sleepers. Waggling all the time, scratching (ha! Feathers, perhaps they are also inhabited ...). Turning over continuously.

La ponte6:20 it is beginning to stretch as the night before. Then rises, turns over, rises and takes back the position. This repeats for twenty minutes.

Since yesterday evening, heavy breathing, head, wings and tail aligned.

Watch VIDEO   (556ko 24s)

1er Oeuf
6:41: The first egg is laid.

Voir VIDEO   (3862ko 2mn44s)

Then she arranges the position of her egg; brings materials, takes a nap. She hides her egg and then leaves.

Voir VIDEO   (2994ko 1mn30s)

[The videos are a bit long (forgive my enthusiasm, I could not force myself to decide to cut too much), and therefore they may a little long to load.]


She quickly comes back to the nest at 7:25, she will cover the egg only partially.

She passed in the morning every quarter of an hour until 10 am, a moment to check that all is OK. She brings a little extra feather. He often accompanies her. Quick mating in the morning.
At midday, the egg is always visible.

It is 14:30. We didn't saw the tits in the morning between 10am and 12.30pm. Then a few short passages until 13:30, she still leaves open the blanket.
Normally she should lay an egg every day. On average around ten for the Blue.

Il sont partis toute l'après-mid, sauf une courte visite à 1630 où elle vérifie que tout va bien.


                      Elle rentre se coucher très tôt il est 19h40.


16 avril

Le soleil tout rouge se lève sur une belle journée froide (5°).

Les mêmes qu'hier matin sont là. Lui chante bien sûr. Il s'impatiente aussi et fait de fréquents tours.


6h40: ponte du deuxième œuf.

Les deux œufs apparaissent fugitivement (presque à la fin de la vidéo).

Voir VIDEO   (1402ko 1mn10s)

La séquence dure environ six minutes. Elle a été ici raccourcie.


Un peu plus tard, elle adapte le nid, se retourne pour un petit somme et les deux apparaissent clairement.

Voir VIDEO   (572ko 23s)

7h06 elle sort  après avoir caché la coupe du nid.
Une demi-heure plus tard elle est de retour.

Puis s'en va. Comme hier nous les verrons peu passer.  

Elle conserve le centre couvert. On voit juste un petit bout d'un des oeufs, à la droite de ce joli fil rose.


Son nid  est haut et quand elle est sur le rebord, elle nous donne ces gros plans, qui donnent une idée de la quantité de matériaux collectés.


Lors de ses courtes visites elle ramène toujours un petit quelque chose de plus.  Une petite touche de mauve pour aller avec le fil rose.


Dans la nature

Un petit tour hors des nichoirs.

Dans la nature les mésanges bleues nichent dans les trous des arbres.

Celle-ci s'apprête à visiter son nid installé à la fourche d'un arbre.

Parc Montsouris (Paris). Avril 2008


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