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May -6- 2008 

26 May Fledging


5:50 a.m. and the mother feeds all the brood.
Good weather, a little overcast. Occasionally sun. She goes about her usual work, a little is already at the door.




Number 1 is impatient. The mother calls nearby.

N1 sortie
6:34, he throws himself.
Hard to exit; the wings can only be opened once outside


Landing succeeded! Serviceable, this branch of rose-bush.
Where I go now?


N1Direction the birch branch which received the two former broods. Then he will go hide in the camellia.


He will not stay long with us; he flits quite well, takes soon his independence and leaves the balcony.

The mother continues to feed the others; she does not care about his first out for now. It is 6:44, light is better.

Number 2 watchs and then decides.


And lands on a branch of rose-bush, it is 6:50.

She comes to enter the nest box, but seeing him she feeds him.

N2 et elle

In her next pass, she goes directly into the nest box.


Number 2 exchange perch and lands... on the same branch and under the sun.

N3While she encourages Number 3.


Done for Number 3. He chose another perch for his first landing. It is 7:07.


Well! An original! And who likes cables; he makes his first flight and lands on the stay that holds the birch.

7:20 Number 4 decides.



The branch? I leave you to guess ...



Number 5 turn at 7:53.


Ouch! They are slippery these small branches.


No harm, there he is.

Et numéro 6
This is also the moment chosen by number 6.

N6 N5
Don't move, I pass.

N6- N5


That's OK! Very nice manoeuvre.


N72 minutes later, it is 7:55, number 7 joins up with his brothers and sisters.



Humph! Can do better.


A pull-up and he is stable.

Another small jump ... in the famous branch ... a repeat.

But everything goes well, he will learn quickly.

Elle et piou
So, the nest box is empty. There are six chicks scattered in the birch. Only Number 1 has left.

She began her round in the tree, going from chick to chick.

She will look two or three times in the nest box during his tour to ensure that there is no one. She will do the same the next day.


The yellow leaves? My poor birch has done an unfortunate fall. In order to do not disturb them, these days I have less visited the balcony and did not check is the watering was correct. It makes a poor figure stripped of its leaves. But now (May 28) it is really well watered! The rain has fallen during 48 hours.

Very fortunately we remained grouped long time on the balcony. The exit was tranquil. The mother being alone, this was important. I think it will give them a better chance.


After the exit..

All perched in the branches of birch await the arrival of their mother. During their exit she has continued to feed those in the nest box. Now she does the tour of all little.



Around 10 am, alarm cries of the mother. She cries so much that I open the door slightly. This is the moment chosen by a crow, perched above on the terrace and cause of this racket, to fly off razing the birch. Panic of tits in the branches. A little flies to the window and rushes inside. They had just come out but they fly well. A small tour among the computer cables, grey over grey, hard to find the youngster, and still more since he does not cry. Not much to hold in hand. I hurry to go to the balcony because I did not see if others were gone and I want to take it back to his mother as she is there. I will put him in a branch of the birch under sibling. It is terrorized and tetanized; too much for a single day. I have to put gently his feet around the branch. Its claws grip everywhere ... except on the branch. Mom is just above. I wait holding the chick with my hand until, reassured, he began to hold on the branch. Two minutes later, he claims his meal. Emotions famish.

Admire those feet. Very small, they are unstable when they perch on a branch, we see  them swing aft and fore.
They do not close the back fingers.


.They do not fly well, but still they flutter better than they clutch. They do not know yet how to choose their branch. On the large branches it is not too bad, they stabilize; but on the smaller ones they just balance. They will soon become great masters in this exercise.


Later, we see the mother harass a magpie in the garden, approaching the magpie, diving on her, hanging on. She will follow the magpie during all her walk, which was just toddling peacefully in his search for insects along the edges of the garden. The calm did return when the magpie leaved. Funny to see this tiny ball of blue feathers whirl above the big magpie.







The departures.

9:52: five (or six?) are still with us on the balcony.
14h33: four are still there.
17h: They are three. The others are in the small garden down below.

It's raining. The mother comes regularly to feed them.

It is 17h and he do a small walk over the nest box where he spent 20-21 days.

At 21h the last little left the terrace.
Good luck to them!


27 May


This morning, the mother and a little came back here. We see her regularly.

The family seems to be OK; they are below in a small inner garden out-of-the-way. We hear them and I've seen them this morning, a flock of tits in the garden big tree.
They were thoroughly soaked, it rains since last night without interruption.


28 May

Large and long thunderstorms last evening and most of the night. Strong showers. 

Decidedly, they leaved under the sign of water!


This morning they were still in the garden, I was able to see 4 with the mother and a little climbed with it.


Yes, it's me again, just before a small nap.
The photographers, a bit paparazzi, didn't resist.

[Sorry, not yet translated. Translation in progress.]


29 May

Overcast, 20 °C.  Rain again in the afternoon.

Dans le jardin

This morning, in the garden down bellow, 3 wisely aligned awaiting distribution.
Wings half unfolded and round tail spread.


Yesterday evening in the balcony, here are five and their mother (rightmost one).


There are six on the terrace but difficult to locate, it is dark and they are grey.

The sixth is on its own. We located him when the mother went to feed him.

As the mother went down from time to time, maybe there is a seventh down below(?), but nothing certain.


30 May

Beautiful. 23°C.

Petit plumes bleues

They did not visit us, but we see them in the garden down bellow.

5 days. They fly well, move farther and farther and starting to bluish. The tail and wings first.


[Complements to preceding days: 25 May and  26 May.]


31 mai


Passage d'un petit.

Curieusement c'est très rare.

Ils restent dans le jardin en bas.


Retour                                                                                                                                                             Suite