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February  2008 (3)

22 February

Mild weather: 14 °C in the morning and grey day.



Morning gymnastic.
  Video 22 February 2008 10h30132ko 21s




Video 22 February 2008 11h 272ko 22s




Two short tours and then leaves.

Video 22 February 2008 11h57  192ko 22s 




22 February 16h30

The falun gong of the tit.


He is in the birch next to the nest box.

I see him making very slow movements, as in slow motion.
That is a strange attitude.

Photo 16h29


It opens very very slowly the wings, really slowly and raises them at the highest possible. Then down gently. And again.

You have seen my width say? You hear me?

For whom this slow agitation?

Photo à 16h30


For him!

Not impressed at all by the exhibition.

During all the time that the sparrow rested on nest box our land owner continued his doings.

Photo 16h31

In the nest box ... she is there, inside, while his knight defends her.



Calm returns, the sparrow has left the nest box.
Our gymnast relaxes.


And goes to look immediately in the nest box.

You are going well, not too afraid of?

I checked it's safer.


Phew, rest. A little ditty to unwind, perhaps?


Later, a passage a deux. He plays the ghosts.


23-24 February

Two grey and foggy days, but mild: 16-17 °C Sunday.


News this Saturday.
Two small, very small branch bits. I saw her bring one who broke at the entrance to the nest box.
A beginning?


That she will pack all day.

Sunday, she withdraws the two pieces. The birdhouse is again empty.

The days lengthen 18h23 and she is still in the nest box. Since 8am in the morning she has not ceased to go in and out of the nest box.


27 February

It is fine weather today. Since 9am she spends a lot of time in the nest box.


The first strands of moss.

Small but green.



Installed in the nest box she opens and closes its wings creating this beautiful shape. She will spend most of the day in the nest box.

Late in the day, I come to stop transmission and discover...



...that she is there and it has decided to lie down in the nest box. I think it is the female because she has spent the day in the nest box with him singing next to the nest box.

I leave connected the acquisition of photos.

Good night!



At 7am it stirs a leg. The belle is not early-rising and wakes up slowly.



She eventually leaves at 7h27 to join him.


There is a big difference compared to other years for the beginning of the nest.

Since 3 days I have switched-off the lighting, wanting to see if the behaviour of the tit changes and therefore all photos, even during the day, are currently in IR.

To change, there are some! I think without relation to the lighting. This is the first time that a chickadee just sleep in the nest box before the nest is not finished and the laying period.

We will see tonight if she liked it.


28 February

Greyness and small rains today.

After a night in the nest box, the two tits leave for the morning. Back at noon. Then, no one until 17h.

And at 18:30, she returned sleep in the nest box. A few strands of moss are scattered but still she don't seems to be in a hurry to fill the scene. Note by the way, the cleanness of the housing.



The prunus begins to bloom.

To appreciate its flowering nothing beats a visit at night.

                                                                                                         [Prunus triloba 'Multiplex'.  
Amandier de Chine]


29 February

Madam gets up at 7h33. Good snooze, isn't?


The sky is clear, 14 °C.



At the top of poplar, at the tip of branches, red ochre catkins offer their fresh pollen.

A greenfinch visits the poplar.



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