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Janvier 2008

June 2007

The life on the balcony continues, the world of its inhabitants is found here.

12 June


“Our” blue juvenile.


26 days. The cap well is seen but he (or her) is always in “black and white”. It completely lost the yellow of the beak.


The green finch became balcony regular. He also has superb claws and one distinguishes the fork from his tail.

21 June

A new brood of small great tits fledged. A mother great tit comes accompanied by three new chicks. The chicks are the very young and claim unceasingly. Then, they are not those fledged in May which are already independent. I do not know where the nesting took place. Is this the same great tit?

The vegetation on the terrace pushed much. For the moment we have no good photographs of the newcomers.

 I profit to place here the suite of the photographs of the May brood of great tits, which I had not had the leisure to include up to now in these pages.

May 2007: Great-tits babies in the balcony.

CharboAt the beginning of May (on May 7), four small titmouses born in the interior garden of the building, leaved the nest. One of the youngsters had taken refuge on the balcony and his/her mother came to nourish him

Ten days later, mom great tit returns to the balcony accompanied by her four youngsters. 


Curious the small one! It is posed on the nesting box inside which the “blue” chicks await for their parents. 

16 May

Bébé sur le nidBébé charbo

bébé charbo48

Bébé charbo

Like the small blue ones, the young great tits are draped in black and white, the breast is slightly yellow and the wings tips are bluish.

At the end of May, the youngsters are autonomous and come alone. In June, the adults and the young, whose youthful look is still recognizable, still visit us now and then.

28 June

Our sparrow friends also have new chicks. Those there are quite young still and remain long moments to sleep trustfully. Their beak is still quite yellow.

bb Moineau

Waiting for mom.


bb moineaumoineau


Here, please, you see me, say?


moineaubb moineau

bb moineau

Let's return to sleep until the next delivery.

29 June


Probably Ulysses. It is not visible on the photograph but he is recognizable to a large white cape on the back. His blue cap shrank and the head is whiter. 

The colors of his feathers and those of Penelope are less brilliant.

This time the new great tit babies agreed to pose for the photo. A chick and his/her mother.

bb charbobb charbo