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Janvier 2008

July 2007 (1)

2 July

4 charbo

Calmly installed in the willow for a small nap, four small great tits.


Difficult to sleep in peace. One of the young would like to play and pricks without slackening his/her sister (brother?).


...which tries to ignore it and continue to sleep.


You really don't want to play?


Enfin tranquilles
Finally quiet.

A visit of small blue and a beautiful take off.

4 July

verdier et moineau

Greenfinch observations. The greenfinch uses the same intimidation attitude as the sparrows, open beak and partly spread wings, well puffed up feathers, it affirms his presence firmly.

The sparrows, less able to break the sunflower seeds, when they are in a number, pester them as they do when they see a titmouse eating sunflower seeds. The greenfinch behaves then aggressively and puts them in their places.


Young sparrows begin to be autonomous. One still sees a bit of yellow beak.

In the interior garden one observes large gangs of sparrows now, which come to bathe on the small terraces, with a lot of youngsters, all for the better.

5 July

A little sunflower makes the happiness of the greenfinch.


Shelling technique. Its conical and powerful beak is a very good nutcracker. The seed well held in the beak, a pressure and the two shell pods fall on both sides.


6 July


Adult and a baby great tit who still does not haa the yellow colors of the adult.

Tresse charbo

It is summer and the birds do not need, normally, to be fed.

We continue, now and then, to prepare some peanuts on the balcony, which make the joy of great tits… and ours, of course, to see them. But we try to do not make it a habit. We do not restock systematically the braid, which consists of whole seeds (even if the tits would prefer them unshelled), when it is empty. We renew it irregularly. The same is true for the handful of seeds in the feeder.


Young manage perfectly well to break the shells using their fine black beak. We hear their energetic TAC-TAC-TAC.

We now see less often our small blue. Sometimes an adult quickly passes but alone and it remains a short time. Are they startled by the agitation of the great tits and the greenfinches or, as last year, have they leaved and we will seldom see them during July and August?

7 July

Verdier et petits

To beg their food, the young greenfinches, take this attitude: beak large opened and wings lowered and spread which offers us this pretty feathers cape 

2 petits

The two small greenfinches badger without slackening the adults while chirping permanently. They follow adults continuously. Sometimes the adult ends up flying away followed by his offspring. Out of weariness it always ends up nourishing them.



The small ones have a very bird eyed chest.


They train to shell seeds but they prefer them, still and by far, ready to gulp.


Young acquires very quickly the characteristic edges of the primary wing feathers: bright yellow color and the yellow of the base of the tail feathers.

De face

At the beginning of the meeting the greenfinch seems careful and flies away immediately at the least movement. But it returns very quickly and, at once, it ignores us and our presence does not perturb it any more.

12 juillet

Petite pluie avant le soleil. 


[Campsis x tagliabuana 'Mme Gallen']

14 juillet

Plumes, plumes, plumes...