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September 2007 -2-

20 September


Autumn colours for the vine.


And gorgeous sunrises (7h30).


The latest young sparrows sunbath on the edge of the terrace. It stayed with us a long time, watching, sleeping and grooming its feathers.



Everyone appraises the observation post. Great tit's turn. The other great tit that accompanies it, is not far away. A beautiful male and female.


A couple of small blue tits come by the balcony and one of them puts its head several times for a few seconds inside the nestbox.

The greenfinches seem to have deserted our corner for two weeks. The youngsters that we saw in summer must be independent since long time. The greenfinch is rather a solitary, but in the winter it lives in groups. We will see this winter if we see him again.


At last we see to the nestbox. We should have done it since long, but for various reasons we postponed several times.

The plants including clematis having well grown make the access a bit tough.


This is the nestbox bottom. The nearside, where we see the nest bowl, is at the back of the nestbox.
Like last year, 6-7 centimeters of good moss, straw, feathers ... All that we saw convey in the spring.
The birdhouse was disassembled, brushed and disinfected.

We fully remade the installation of the cameras. In particular, to avoid annoying reflections.



Nest without and with its cache plate for the cameras. The IR lighting LEDs are now separated from the camera and behind the cache.

When we removed the small wooden plaque that protects cables, we saw that it had been nibbled by the tits which removed small bits.


The birdhouse in place, a bit hidden at the moment! It might be even more pleasant for birds as it is. Fortunately for the photographer, in spring it becomes visible.


30 September


At the risk being boring, I can not resist to these two small great tits to finish the month.
Each on its side.


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