2006 2007
6 January 2006 First visit of the nest box. 5 January 2007 First visit of the nest box.
Spaced short visits during February. at 5 February 2 or 3 visits a day on average. At least one per day. More frequent on sunny days. Short visits.
6 February 2006 Visits more frequent.
9 February First grass blades.
13 February Nesting continues. First moss.
16 February First blades. Start of nesting. 16 February Visits get longer.
Until beginning of March Nest build-up. 20 February - 25 February Build-up acelerates. She brings big billfuls of moss.
26 - 28 February Build-up moves on.
1st  March - 16 March mars Build-up always goes well.
17-20 March She puts out some stuff. Very cold weather
To the end of March

Last March week, she adds cotton, threads and feathers, for a cozy couch.

21-26 March

The nest is almost completed. She brings feathers and down.

28 March She sleeps the night in the nesting box.
 1st April She spend the night in the box.

6 April FIRST egg!

7 April TWO

8 April
9 April

10 April FIVE

11 April 1st egg, the one egg a day on average. 11 April SIX ??
12 April 2 12 April SEVEN

13 April EIGHT
14 April 3 or 4 14 April NINE and she starts to brood.

15 April TEN and she broods.

16 April ELEVEN she broods now.
17 April 5 17 April TWELVE

18 April She broods.
19 April 6 or 7 19 April
She broods.
20 April 8 20 April
She broods.
21 April She broods and he feeds her. 21 April
She broods.
22 April 9 eggs. 22 April
She broods.
23 April She stays the morning in the box. She broods and he feeds her. She leaves the nest during the day and comes back at dusk. Stays in the nest in the morning. 23-24 April She broods.
25 April 10 eggs 25-26-27 April She broods.
26 April
27 au 30 April
She broods and leaves less and less.
28-April Births: eight chicks!
29-30 April
1st May A ninth.
1 au 6 May She broods. 2 May
9 open large yellow beaks.
3 May The small last unfortunately did not survive.
4 May First feathers pins.
7 May 7heure First chick. 5-7 May The feathers pins push on the wings, on the head.
7 May 8h 15 Second.
7 May 9h 20 Third.
8 May Fourth. 8 May They open the eyes.
9-14 May Fostering. 10 May Died of a chick.
12 May Feathers in pin. 12 May
14 May
Died of 3 chicks.
The four chicks are well.
15 May Eyes began to open.  15 May True small blue tits.
16 May Fledging begins. 
17-18 May Eyes wide open. 18 May Take off for 3 chicks.
18-19 May Color appears.
20-21 May Chicks chirp.
22-26 May Colour intensifies. Face masks  are distinct. 23 May The last chick is dead.
27 May Take off.
9h40 9h45 9h47 9h48
Everyone is outside.